Gyokuro Matsu no Tsukasa 50g


Product Description

Origin: Uji, Japan

Ingredients: Green Tea 100%

Gyokuro, meaning "jewel dew", is regarded as Japan’s highest quality tea. The new leaves are shaded the last 2-3 weeks before plucking to cut 80% of the sunlight. This stimulates the production of chlorophyll and keeps the level of amino acids that determine the sweet taste of the tea high, and of the tannin low. The tea is plucked 1 x per year, mostly by hand.

Gyokuro is not like an everyday tea, and it is not drunk to quench your thirst. Drink it from a small cup. Let it roll around your mouth to let it reach all the taste buds. It feels a bit "thick" in the mouth. It has an amazing sweetness after the first bitter tones, and a wonderful aftertaste.