Premium Bancha 50g


Product Description

Origin: Kakegawa, Japan

Ingredients: Green Tea 100%

Sencha from the second harvest, picked in June.
In Japan, the second harvest is called nibancha, the third sanbancha and the fourth yonbancha. In general all these crops are called bancha. The earlier crops are higher in quality. The more times the leaves of the plant are harvested, the weaker the plant becomes and the less quality the tea will have in the next year. The bancha from tea producer Otsuka is a fukamushicha or deep-steamed tea. During this process, the cells of the leaves break and the leaves fall into smaller pieces. This lets you enjoy more of the flavour of the tea and you will consume more anti-oxidants per cup. Bancha is a refreshing green tea to drink at any time of the day. It is also great to drink during or after a meal.